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I have worked with Andrew Schwartz, exercise physiologist, for over 15 years. He has conducted individually tailored gym based rehabilitation exercise and functional conditioning programs for patients with mechanical low back pain, other musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain syndromes. These patients require expertise in both the physical as well as cognitive-behavioural aspects of an exercise program. Andrew has excelled in all areas of his service and receives accolades from both his patients/clients and their treating physiotherapists.

I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Dr David Lewington
Consultant Physician Rehabilitation Medicine
Back, Neck and Musculoskeletal Specialist

I started seeing Andrew after suffering from a debilitating, constant lower back pain for a year caused by sporting injuries. As an Army Officer, dancer and martial artist, maintaining my physical wellbeing is critical. Andrew’s assessment of my physical condition and the cause of my pain was ‘bang-on’. Within a mere two sessions, I already began to feel pain relief and return to my former self. Andrew is a highly affable and intuitive person who understands the individual needs of his clientele. His programs were specifically tailored to me as an individual and would evolve to meet my changing needs. He has fundamentally improved the quality of my life and given me the tools for future wellbeing. I would (and frequently do) recommend his service to anyone seeking to improve their physical wellbeing or to recover from an injury.

Yasmine Khan

I was introduced to Andrew Schwartz by a friend who told me this guy is "the best in the business. "

I have suffered with back issues mainly L5S1 for more than 2 decades with multiple hospital traction visits to help alleviate the constant pain.

As part of my “rehabilitation" I have been going for weekly physio / massage therapy for 18yrs, so you can imagine my scepticism when someone says I have the guy to cure you.

After only 2 months and 10 sessions I can honestly say I am on my way to leading a "normal life". Andrew started with the basics, he explained to me how my body is overcompensating for weaknesses and muscle groups recruited to help the weak one are essentially in spasm from overuse. After a thorough theoretical explanation we started the task of strengthening my core. The term core strengthening is on everybody’s tongue but very few people know how to isolate this area with strengthening exercises. I would consider Andrew is an expert in this area. He has a very good way of explaining what you are doing and need to do, and he has an even better way of training you as a coach to do the exercises. He is also organised and easy to talk to which enhances the experience.

I plan to continue working with Andrew as I have seen enormous improvement in the development of my core strength and flexibility all over my body. I would like to recommend him to anyone looking for help in the area of developing their body to perform optimally in normal daily and sporting activity.

Michael Berman, PhD

My sincere thanks to Andrew Schwartz… He changed my life!

L4/L5 disc degeneration became my worst nightmare!!! I was a very active, fit, happy individual until I experienced lower back issues. I went from being extremely active to static! I became unfit as I was nervous, and scared of even moving in case I aggravated my injury. 

Andrew listened and took me on a journey that would not only see me pain free, but back at the gym and leading a normal life again… It only took 2 sessions and I felt very different and just kept progressing from there. He explained at the outset that we would not specifically "fix" the L4/L5 injury, but rather show me how to live a normal life by addressing the imbalances that I had created over time, and it was these imbalances that were responsible for the pain, not just the disc. 

Warren Sonin

I have suffered from lower back injuries for about 4 years, that was until I met with Andrew. My injures started a few years after my exercise habits declined as a result of increased work hours, most of which in a chair. After injuring my back on various occasions, I could not walk, sit, or lie down with extreme pain for weeks. My back was visibly crooked after these injuries. 

After trying various avenues of relief, including chiropractic, acupuncture, physio etc. I found Andrew through a family member who had used his services before. From my first session with Andrew, I knew his treatment was exactly what I was looking for. Not only did he assist in my rehabilitation, but he helped / is helping me with preventing those injuries from occurring again.

I have already referred by fiancée, my cousin and a few colleagues to Andrew. Those who have seen him, share my high recommendations of him. Andrew’s expertise and knowledge are unrivalled and can only be matched by welcoming and positive attitude which is extremely helpful when you are trying to recover from an injury,

Now, my pain is gone and I am able to build up weaknesses that I didn’t know I had.

If you are experiencing any issues, do not hesitate in contacting Andrew. I can’t recommend or thank him enough.

Chris Farah

I am in my late 20’s and am very active but have been plagued with back issues since the age of 21 when I had to have surgery on a bulging disk. I have seen many health professionals and have tried incredibly hard to gain back/core strength in order to be able to be comfortable and injury free for sports as well as day-to-day activities, most notably (and the biggest hurdle of them all), sitting at a desk all day.

After seeing many Physios and Chiros, Andrew and his expertise have seen me make the most rapid advancements in my level of comfort with day to day activities because of and in addition to strengthening all the right parts (core, bum, back, stabilising muscles, etc). One of the biggest bonuses of seeing Andrew is that I receive an exercise routine to do on my own that is really good for my body/back without risking straining myself just to try and be fit.

I am a big fan and will be visiting for years to come.

John Nash

From the age of 28, I suffered continuous lower back pain for over two years. This pain slowly worsened over this time developing into sciatic pain from my upper back down my leg. Not only was this crippling, but on occasions I would be floored for over a week. I undertook various physio and medical treatments which did help, but did not solve the ongoing pain. It escalated to a point where on one occasion, I could not move and was bed ridden for over 2 weeks.

At that point in time I consulted various medical professionals whom ranged from GPs to specialists and even neurosurgeons. With a view not to undergo surgery, I was referred to Andrew in early 2010 and began a program on the way to recovery.

Andrew’s approach was simple, concise, and made a lot of sense. His extensive knowledge and experience allowed me to get back the strength, stability and power I once had but found out I was lacking. It became obvious that this was exactly what I needed. His weekly programs progressed to the point where I was lifting weights I never dreamed of being able to do. I now have more confidence in my back and I am able to exercise 3-4 times a week without pain.

I must thank Andrew for the results I have achieved and thoroughly recommend his services to anyone and everyone. I know I’ll keep consulting him on a regular basis!

Raja Farah

From my experience, it is rare to find someone who really understands the body and how it works.  After having three children and resuming my running program, I suffered from inexplicable chronic back pain for over six months.  I consulted numerous physiotherapists and chiropractors who were unable to help me and in some circumstances, exacerbated the pain.

It was a great relief for me to meet Andrew, who was referred to me by a physiotherapist and muscular skeletal specialist.  Andrew has helped me develop an awareness of how my pain is generated and how to move and function in a manner that eliminates it.

Andrew has taught me how to do all the things I need to do day to day, including lifting heavy children, as well as the things I enjoydoing, like running, without triggering pain.  I find Andrew thorough, detailed and convincing.  His approach integrates both body and mind and most importantly, leaves me with a good understanding of my problems and solutions.  I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who has back pain.

Janine Zylstra

4 years ago I was in a car accident and as a result suffered severe lower back pain. For years, I continued with physiotherapy with little or no improvement. The pain in my back was still present and required me to take a variety of pain medication. I was unable to stand any longer than 15-20 minutes or sit longer than an hour without experiencing excruciating lower back pain.

I was then referred by a different doctor to see Andrew. In short, Andrew was the only health professional in the last four years that was able to help me with my rehabilitation.

I was immediately impressed with Andrew as he was reliable, enthusiastic and well-prepared for our sessions. After an initial examination, Andrew set realistic and attainable goals. He designed a rehabilitation program that I could implement at home or in a gym whilst at the same time providing enough interest to motivate me to continue with the exercises. Andrew’s warm and friendly nature was a great encouragement to me. He supplemented verbal education with anatomical charts and illustrated why certain exercises had to be done in a specific way in order for me to improve. After only 6 weeks I noticed improvement in my range of motion and reduced pain.

The results of my exercise program far surpassed my expectations. Friends and family are impressed with the changes in me and I feel better in myself. I have resumed my normal exercise routine of kayaking and boxing and am back riding my motorbike, none of which I could do a few years ago. I would not have achieved the results I am enjoying today, if it were not for the guidance and advice of Andrew.

Wayne Gibson

After seeing 5 physios, Andrew Schwartz is the only one that made a positive impact on my back injury.

There are a few major differences between Andrew and the physios that I have seen; He appears more knowledgeable and he wants to share his knowledge so you know why you have to do the stretches or exercises that he prescribes. He genuinely cares, and wants you to improve to a point where you no longer require him. Finally, he aims to provide a permanent fix so that his clients don’t need to keep coming back.

Most importantly, as I am a young man with many sporting interests, Andrew has not only fixed my back issues, but he has given me the confidence and knowledge to pursue interests that had previously been prohibited by my back.

In short, Andrew is to rehab as Chuck Norris is to kickarse!

Ben Brungs



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